YELLOW EKO FEVER… for the love of traffic

YELLOW EKO FEVER… for the love of traffic

21 February 2019

Produced as a collaboration between Johannesburg based fashion designer, Marianne Fassler and Lagos based photographer, Reze Bonna, YELLOW EKO FEVER, originated spontaneously. Observing the vibrant colors and liveliness of Lagos, whilst being stuck in traffic.

’Naija time,’ a term locals are accustomed to, refers to the delays caused by traffic. Some tourists might find this exhausting, but the curious traveller finds the vibrant streets, its people and the cityscapes inspiring.

‘Accidental poetry’ happens as this Summer 2019 collection bursts into the organised chaos that is the streets of Lagos.

The collection explores the ancient affiliations between Africa and Asia. Their commonalities of symbolism and mythology. The layers of pictorial images and communication tools right into the present with the universal language of the emoji joining continents wirelessly and wordlessly. With their combined love of a mongralized aesthetic, Marianne Fassler swiftly incorporated all these elements into a complex, crafted collection that speaks to the globalized consumer searching for authenticity and integrity.

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