Marianne Fassler

YELLOW EKO FEVER… for the love of traffic

Produced as a collaboration between Johannesburg based fashion designer, Marianne Fassler and Lagos based photographer, Reze Bonna, YELLOW EKO FEVER, originated spontaneously. Observing the vibrant colors and liveliness of Lagos, whilst being stuck in traffic. ’Naija time,’ a term locals are accustomed to, refers to the delays caused by traffic. Some tourists might find this exhausting, but the curious […]

Switch Magazine: Marianne Fassler weaves the African spirit

A woman who embodies a whole nation: Africa. It manages to express it thanks to its particular vision of fashion; indeed, defined by herself as “anti-fashion”, her collections are not influenced by the latest trends, but follow her own guideline, made of craftsmanship, quality, ethics and a pinch of extravagance. Read the full article here.

Liberated Fashion: Disrupting the status quo

Marianne Fassler embodies the nation within her fashion label – it is fresh, bright, layered, at times confusing, occasionally animalistic, sometimes urban, eclectic and always diverse. Fassler is a pioneer within the industry, establishing her brand time and time again for over four decades. Described as anti-fashion, the impeccably hand-crafted garments are uninfluenced by fads […]

The other woman behind SA’s iconic Leopard Frock label

Whimsical elegance rooted in an African aesthetic, extravagant embellishments, tons of prints and an unmistakable edge are a few things that come to mind when one thinks of Leopard Frock, the renowned designer Marianne Fassler’s label … Read the article here.

Challenging the status quo, one leopard-print sequin at a time

Caught up in a whirlwind of colour, texture and patterns, Marianne Fassler is doing what she does best. And it’s not just creating striking couture. For years she’s been turning the South African fashion industry on its head, beginning with a controversial show in 1976 that featured only black models. Today, she continues to use […]